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Paper Letra – Soleima

Paper Letra – Soleima Letras da Musica Hate mistakes on paper plates Threw it up in the air, pretend I don’t care I watch you fly in my eyes Just for a while, let it out of control I wanna leave it untold You know that you You can light ...

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New World Letra – Krewella & Yellow Claw (Feat. Taylor Bennett)

New World Letra – Krewella & Yellow Claw (Feat. Taylor Bennett) Letras da Musica I’ma tell your girl she’s a mutt [?] Could be living, could be living corner of the block We’d be rolling, we’d be rolling t-‘til the club (Rolling, rolling, rolling) Yeah a lady pounding sake, yellow ...

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Guns Down Letra – Florian Picasso

Guns Down Letra – Florian Picasso Letras da Musica I can’t go home like this Waiting on a word from you We’ve been dancing for far too long They’re unknown her twirsting the truth These battles scares we know them well We’ve been ___? the day we fail Standing on ...

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Hey Alligator Letra – Galantis

Hey Alligator Letra – Galantis Letras da Musica Hold me tight and pull me under You let me drown, you let me dream Well you should know by now My heart is in your teeth Hey alligator Have some mercy on me Cold blooded, hot headed I love it, I ...

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