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Bdy (Letra) – Stalgia

Bdy (Letra) – Stalgia Letras da musica: Purple rain drops follow my footprints Every step that I take they sink in Try not to let ‘em in Why do I wanna let ‘em in Sometimes I dream of things I shouldn’t Got forbidden inside of me hidden Push ‘em back ...

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Row (Letra) – Smith & Thell

Row (Letra) – Smith & Thell Letras da musica: Row, row, row your boat These riders deep and I’c know But right now you need honey We just gotta row, row row So mud, dirt, dust and bones Raging with us eyes alone Keep your head up high and nice ...

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Stay (Letra) – Demo Taped

Stay (Letra) – Demo Taped Letras da musica: Stay here till my heart stops beating Knocks at the door are? I’ll do whatever we can Just stay until my heart stops beating You’re tryina get me out But you got me in Oh, just turn it all away now Cleanse ...

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