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Te Largo Não (Letra) – Sofia Oliveira e 3Yeah

Letras da musica: As vezes até penso nós dois por um momento sentados curtindo um tempo E aquele vento bater no teu cabelo E ja vir aquele cheiro que e do teu perfume que eu ainda vou sentir Mas só me resta imaginar enquanto você não me notar Pra que ...

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High Off You (Letra) – Yo Trane

High Off You (Letra) – Yo Trane Letras da musica: “The fame thing isn’t really real. And don’t forget I’m also just a girl, asking him to love her” Never thought I’d get a call from you You hit the line I was chilling at the crib I wasn’t waiting ...

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Halfway To Nowhere (Letra) – Chelou

Halfway To Nowhere (Letra) – Chelou Letras da musica: How do you get out of bed in the morning How do you wait to carry the day Yeah I sing for pleasure I’ve sang for pain I’m still half way to nowhere I’m still nothing today They tell me good ...

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So I Say (Letra) – Zak Downtown

So I Say (Letra) – Zak Downtown Letras da musica: [Chorus] I woke up late, and put my gold on Last night was cray, them drinks were so strong My head it aches, I need to roll one My wifeys calling me, I told her hold on I’m in the ...

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