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Beacon Letra – Goldfinger

Beacon Letra – Goldfinger Letras da Musica Over the mountains, I see the open sky Pullin me in, pullin me in, over the hills It seems like visions of kings and princes castles made of clouds and rain How do I stand still So many visions, I have one voice ...

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Overboard Letra – The Kindred

Overboard Letra – The Kindred Letras da Musica Cold, the essence hits my body My one and only hobby I close me eyes and relive my mistakes Please, show me some compassion Because I’m quickly losing traction And then a white cap knocks me overboard I’m sinking towards the bottom ...

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Wake Letra – The Kindred

Wake Letra – The Kindred Letras da Musica Someone please come with me Forcibly but comfortably There’s much to see so trust in me I will speak slowly Everybody’s headed for the west now And it’s killing me to be obsolete The beaten path, the aftermath of photographs Everything I’ve ...

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Oiseau Letra – The Kindred

Oiseau Letra – The Kindred Letras da Musica The caged bird sings a sad song It’s not short and not too long But it’s just enough that no one else will sing along Wake me up before you go I’ll tell you everything that you want to know I’m passing ...

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