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Confira as ultimas traduções de letras / Lyrics de musicais internacionais para o nosso lindo português!

4422 Letra – Drake Ft. Sampha

4422 Letra – Drake Ft. Sampha Letras da musica: 4422 Ft. Sampha [Sampha] I’m runnin’, but can’t run away You say you changed But you never change up 44, 22 You built it up to break it halfway through Just make the call, 22 But you’re just the same as ...

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Free Smoke Letra – Drake (Tradução)

Free Smoke Letra – Drake (Tradução) Letras da musica: Free Smoke [Nai Palm] Is it the strength of your feelings Overthrowing your pain Using you high to be reaching And is it today that you will find your new release And in your wake, ripple your sweet voice And more ...

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