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Confira as ultimas traduções de letras / Lyrics de musicais internacionais para o nosso lindo português!

Parking Lot Letra – blink-182 (Tradução)

Parking Lot Letra – blink-182 (Tradução) Letras da musica: Parking Lot Remember the days we would drink on the train On our way to the show Chicago Naked Raygun live at the Cabaret Metro Ten bucks to get into a fight you can’t win Boots and braces, yellow laces Oxblood ...

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Flame Letra – Tinashe (Tradução)

Flame Letra – Tinashe (Tradução) Letras da musica: Flame Ooh, ooh Cold in the night when I hold you close Ooh, ooh Searching your eyes, but you’re gone like a ghost And I say “baby, you can put it on me” ‘Cause I know I don’t make it easy My ...

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