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Thinking Of You (Letra) – Busted

Thinking Of You (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Nowhere else I’d rather be today In my mind a million miles away She’s on fire Like no one else could get me higher I guess I’m just a fucking liar No matter where I go No matter what I do ...

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New York (Letra) – Busted

New York (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: I’ve been walking down on fifth street Took the a train all the way to fifty nine Hanging round columbus circle I’m just drifting as the day turns into night I’m a little bit tired I’m a little hungover I don’t know ...

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I Will Break Your Heart (Letra) – Busted

I Will Break Your Heart (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Londons bridge and with our land of pain I’m thinking “oh my god This can’t be happening. ” Looking backwards, I can see a trend It’s gonna be a mess that we can never mend I hope your oxbridge ...

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Kids With Computers (Letra) – Busted

Kids With Computers (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Standing at the albert bridge I can see your face Wondering how did this become Such a dirty place I can see it when I don’t wanna believe it Another one down the neck and I’m undefeated Find another day that ...

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