Скриптонит (Scriptonite)  – Тем более два (Интерлюдия) (Especially two — Interlude) (English Translation)

Тем более два (Интерлюдия) (Especially two — Interlude) (English Translation) Lyrics

Lyrics of the song “Especially two (Interlude)”


I was just a little kid, but thought that I became a man
When started to understand what did the money cost you
How many whores, to take these money, are ready to blow
So many guys are ready to sell their mother for coco, when we
Are you ready to accept progress when you are so used to?
And when you don’t give a fuck, how would all of you dispose
With the fact that, as a result, you do not have
Hey, fuck you with your conversations
Yes, I know, you’re the same, I know
But why do we need anothеr one like me hеre, eh?
Especially two, especially two, especially two…

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