Lilgodtherapper – Wasted

Wasted Lyrics

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Lilgodtherapper – Wasted
I wasted my life, smoking weed i wasted the days i could of went outside and played with my friends i wasted my life i should of gone to school instead of smoking all of my weed (all of my weed) i should of went to school instead of smoking i got into fights at school i should of kept my mouth shut i should of went home but i stayed their and started shit with my friends i should of walk outta of school i should of stayed in school, i wasted all of my life in my house i sat on my bed just rollin weed instead of doing my homework i wish i (i wish) i could of did my homework but instead i messed up and started smoking weed i wish i went outside to help my friend but i was to late because there was blood on the ground i had to whip it up with a bloody rag i was so sad when i seen him on the ground crying i asked him if he was alright he said no and blood kept coming out i was so scare that day i didn’t know if i was going to lose him, he had his arm around me he told me to go get him help but when i got back he was dead i started crying this was all my fault

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