Savantloup – Product of the City

Product of the City Lyrics

Riding round the city on TTC
But it’s always late just like my CPT
I’m coming tbd, hope you ain’t miss me too bad
Telling me they waiting like I ain’t been knew that
I grew up with the Dot, we both was always learning
Not a Tamil Tiger but these stripes I’m always earning
Seen a couple stains, clean ‘em out like a laundromat
Seen a couple come ups, gotta plug my fam right into that
Been one for all and all for one since I was a yute
Since way back before Murda was nice with the flute
Since Preme turned to Reign and returned to his name
Since Drake was only starting to be put onto fame
Since Kardinal repped us and flew out to the states
Since … folded opps and then took off on the jakes
Since Roney was talkin about the racks in the Dot
Since Top 5 started taking off his shirt on the block
Since Y.H was riding out, man loved to talk tuff
Since the first time I took my dog out to the Bluffs
Since Roy Woods lil’ shorty had a problem with her friends
And I had all these wasteyutes livin up in my ends
Since Mo-G was just dancing, switching it with the left
Since Robin Banks was out here saying he was up next
Since Prime Boys heard that mans were out here talking about ‘em
So K Money said bring it outside cuz it’s really no problem
Since beef patties for lunch, maybe roti for dinner
Since Ennis went to Syracuse and hit that game winner
Since Puffy L’z been flexing, since SAFE was talking feelings
Since Vaughan filled the gym to see the kid, A. Wiggins
Since hoopdome was the spot where I cool it for the day
Meet my mom at Union and just be on our way
Since kids were throwing jams when their dukes were OT
Since Casper was saying that you mans do not know me
Since Smoke Dawg in the trap, Ox Snap played it right
And PND was tryna show how Sauga feels at night
Since D Pryde said to start again, or Bizz Loc sayin errr
Since Nash won MVP and had the leaguers touching earth
Since J.R’s Hope City, since Redway knew the ones
Since Apac and Reemz said go do a hit or sum
Since I started hearing Soca, the Dancehall with the Vybz
Since mans started strappin up to just stay alive
Since Shaqisdope filmed Nelly, since Ramz Pineapple crush
Since Poyser thru the oop and Brooks flew in for the flush
Since we walked among giants, Sim went to the Kings
Bosh left us stranded, went south for the rings
Since Thon was out at O Prep, Egi went to Verde
X went to FSU and made Miami hurt
Since I was on the Gators, I played Motion too
Fore I went to school in Vern and I couldn’t shoot
Since The Weeknd said get high for this, and Tory chilled at York
Since Canadians used to be good at only one sport
Since Vince was on the Raptors, and the Raptors was a team
The city been two stepping, and ain’t never missed a beat
The history, the culture, it’s all worth to explore
And a product of the city, I’m tryna add a lil’ more
I’m tryna add a lil’ more
A product of the city, I’m tryna add a lil’ more

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