BABY RUTH – 3 PEAT Lyrics Letra:
{Verse 1: Baby Ruth}

Woo! (Okay!)
They always say oh! Baby Ruth! (Ha ha)
How you get your eyes so baby blue-blue-blue (get it bro!)
All he does is clout chase
Yeah bitch it’s my motherfucking name (uh oh)
(Newsflash) you’ll never be me
Yeah, 3 PEAT

{Verse 2: Claire Drake}

Venmo me, Venmo me, Venmo me
Bitch I said venmo me (venmo me)
I’m livin’ in your head rent free (bitch)
Fuck Noah Miller tryna be me! (Get it sis)
I-I-I’m just a kid, bitch I’m only fifteen (hey)
I said best friend put me on that beat (okay)
Now I’m herе put that chorus on repeat

Venmo mе, Venmo me, Venmo me

{Verse 3: Haley Sharpe}

If you say so then I’ma dance
Every time I throw it back I take all you bitches mans (ah)
I’ma pull to the Hype House and Tony can catch these hands (hit that bitch)
Did a little dance under the money tree
Don’t forget the dance creds “yodelin’ haley!”
Yodel girl yeah you know
All you bitches is slow
And talking shit on the low
Body roll then I woah
You gotta problem with me?
Then why don’t ya say so?

{Outro: Claire Drake and Hamzah}

Okay, I dunno if you needed any of that
This was really embarrassing
Please never show-

Hey guys, aha, you forgot to invite me, again!
Why didn’t you guys invite me oh my God!
You don’t know what you just did
Y-y-you don’t know what-
Y-y-you don’t know-

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