6th$ithLord – Lurkin’ In The Shadows II

Lurkin’ In The Shadows II Lyrics
6th$ithLord – Lurkin’ In The Shadows II Lyrics

Bitch I’m lurkin’
I’m never worried
Strapped with the 30
She say she love me
Shut up just fuck me
This knife in yo tummy

Bitch I’ma monster
Soul eater
Grim reaper
With a bone cleaver
Bodies inside of my freezer
Hoe I don’t need ya
Control alt delete ya

Love it when the bullets fly
Love it when I’m fucking high
Shorty wanna fuckin die
Cock my gat back
One flick goodbye

I don’t wanna talk
I got no thoughts
Demons in my pocket
Itching for the right jaw
Fuck this world so raw
Yung Egyptian
Dripped in gold like RA


I’ve been so lost inside my mind
That I can’t see ya
Only thing that hold me down
Is when I’m smoking refer
I be chiefing on yo ashes
Hoe it’s nice to meet ya
Take a tab of acid
See dimensions
Play with ether

Enlightened iris
I’m smoking the finest
Don’t give a fuck
About you pussies
Come try this
Yeah $ITHGANG the -itis
We spreading like virus
Take over the world
The beginning, we timeless

Kicking the fuck back while the world burns
Making ya dome splat with this Mossberg
Taking a chrome bat to ya jaw first
Putting a toe tag on these mothafuckas
Kill the under covers
Put em in the fucking dirt


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