Ben Dorman – Breathe

Letra “Ben Dorman – Breathe” Official Lyrics Verse 1Breathe, breathe in the airLet your soul go a wand’ringAnd drift without a care Verse 2Reach, reach for the sunPoint in new directionsShines light on everyone BreakI know that I am going somewhere and I will findThat key to open secrets that …

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FAT Krrent – Season Of Autumn

Letra “FAT Krrent – Season Of Autumn” Official Lyrics UhFatOh Wah Da Fu I get to clappingMmmWhen I see the mosquitoesUhI said I’m clappingMmmWhen I see the mosquitoes‘On’ that motherfucking ‘switch’ I get toClappingWhen I see the mosquitoesListenWhile you nappingI’m clapping mosquitoesHow I get my fuckin right handSlap them like …

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Isabel Pless – Halfway Stranger

Letra “Isabel Pless – Halfway Stranger” Official Lyrics [Verse 1]I always thoughtMaybe our fates were intertwinedParalleled livesMeeting as perpendicular linesYou were thereWhen I expected you the leastAnd I think you must have felt the same way about me [Chorus]I’ve seen you in grocery store aislesAnd on busy streetsI’ve seen you …

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