Acranius – Despairbound

Despairbound Lyrics
Acranius – Despairbound Lyrics

Winter waits within the stirring skies
In clouds that watch the weak and sick below
Flake by flake the cold is their demise
Encased in ice six feet beneath the snow

The breeze becomes a dagger to the skin
As every gust berefts the bones of hope
The killing walls of judgment day close in
As whistling winds become the hangman and the rope

The frantic people dress in wools and furs
And beg to live to see the blizzard pass
Both sheep and wolf despair as winter whirs
And turns their eyes to hollow orbs of glass

Growing sleet entombs both leaf and limb
Winter takes the young ones for its own

A child sees his fingers break from him
And cries before his shattered corpse alone

D​esperate to survive the storm
S​till they die among the other prey
P​reserved and relics made of frozen flesh

A​ heart will beat itself to death before
I​t feels the melting drops of winter’s frost
R​elease the skin its bite and kiss both tore
B​ut still the soul decays where blood was lost

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