Burna Boy – Touch Your Toes (Remix)

Letra “Burna Boy – Touch Your Toes (Remix)” Official Lyrics [Intro: Dammy Krane](Aristokrat Records)Hypertec Olly radioAwon ti BalotelliLeggoHypertec BeatsLeggo [Chorus: Burna Boy & Dammy Krane]Bend your knees and touch your toes(Dammy Krane for the girls)Baby ma f’ori mi se NintendoT’o ba fe lo le, let’s goWe don’t have to let no …

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Letra “JORKE – MURDA” Official Lyrics Verse 1 Yeah, yeahWoah, woahI’ve been catchin’ vibes, bright lightsTryna scribe a fine life from this living roomMixin’ all the vibes for the gyal dem to listen thruBut I’m the only one to keep a tuneIt’s 12 a clock n’ the lights offDJs got the …

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Omah Lay – Woman

Letra “Omah Lay – Woman” Official Lyrics [Verse]They tell me thisThey tell me thatThey say my bitch, say she ah badAnytime I knack, I knack withoutRubber band, no rubber bandEverytime I put am, e sure me dieIf I no pull out, she got my backOdoyewu, I’m happy thatOdoyewu See everything …

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