Airospace – Old Friend (Earl Sweatshirt Freestyle)

Letra “Airospace – Old Friend (Earl Sweatshirt Freestyle)” Official Lyrics

As the day grows nigh
Another’s pain floats by
Within the feint shore tide
I saw the moon left
Darkness overtook to my head
I’m sure there’s feelings in this bed
Somewhat similar to death
I should’ve knew best
Unsaid thoughts –

Thicker than blood
The Molly water
Got me throwing up

Back stabbing through my chest
I couldn’t sew you up
I make a Nigga
Lean italics If he showing bold as fuck
Sore shoulders but I hold enough
Your fingers trace the stitches
Rather touch than ever listen
It’s a murder and nobody’s been convicted
I’m vindictivе and addicted
You insisting that I’m tripping
On you niggas
Now I’m slippin cuz you niggas got me pissed off
Ain’t shit straight
Likе Zacks hairline
Hopped an airline on a AirPod
To get airtime
The sharecrop
To take mine
Great minds
I’d ever figured
If I make that far
Past the stadiums stars
I’d eat nebula and tether
All these feelings to god
You see I’m speaking with god
Could see the reason
We the season
That these demons in love
Now see you why I’m stuck
I ain’t leaving I’m drunk

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