AKTHESAVIOR – Water Freestyle

Water Freestyle Lyrics



Lord, Lord, Uh


Brand new drip brand new scope on a clip
Try to run up let it rip
Gang too lit she wanna fuck with a crip
So I made her move run for the set
Don’t do checks eat it and cash nothing less
Can’t have them checking my stats
Can’t do fresh you hater stuck on a bench
And nigga I fuck with some bitch
Now I gotta get that pussy for orphan


I got that water
Bitch I got that water (x 8)

Note: I tried to make the lyrics as accurate as possible, but I’m not a native American speaker so I probably did some mistakes and wrote some funny stuff. Make fun of it if you wih but if you know them please correct them, I did that for a start !

Letra AKTHESAVIOR – Water Freestyle Lyrics
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