– Da la la la

Letra “
– Da la la la” Official Lyrics

「Da la la la」歌詞

Steppin outta car steppin outta train steppin outta
Everything you riding on its really relly hard on you
You don’t really wanna stuck into the zoo businessman
But but but you do
You never need to hide ya naughty taste
Why don’t you throw away ya dirty face
(right now)
Coz we don’t really wanna stay still with all suits & ties
Da la la la…

Everybody everybody everybody
Sittin’ at the top they go down
And everybody swimming in the sewer they go anywhere
Well that’s the funny and ironic part of life I could say
Ba ba ba babadu
Well I never wanna sing a song
Well, I never wanna play guitar
(but you do)
Well coz I don’t rеally wanna listen to the music
That is shitty bloody rubbish sorry
I was just talkin’ bout you
Da la la la…
Everybody еverybody SINK!!

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