– Wet Paint

Letra “
– Wet Paint” Official Lyrics

「Wet Paint」歌詞

Give me back my Sunday
Coz I didn’t live it up
What da hell am I suppose to do with you?

The sun is setting above my heart
And I don’t know what to do
Another precious weekend’s gonna slam…

One morning on a Monday
She’s just tied up on her bed

Seal up all the cracks on a wall
So you want get cold

In my head, in my head
All I’m asking is to let me yawn

One morning on a Sunday
She was walking down the street

Have a little break to set you
Breakfast in Hawaii

In my head, In my head
Nobody wants to seek around your eyes
In my head, In my head
No I don’t need to understand you

I would like to know
But I just don’t feel like
Coz I never wanna see you
Hanging over, drunk and wasted
Flirt around with all the boys
I just don’t feel like going back to my work
And I’m pretty sure I forget to turn off the TV
I wish I was Michael Jackson…

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