Alijay – Life life

Life life – Alijay Lyrics Letra:

Verse 1
A bare tears ina mi eye when mi medz weh mi guh through nuh really keep friends no mi only ave few get up everyday and a medz mi struggle a hope seh one day mi can solve di puzzle
Mi tell mi mada seh mi a medz progress a only one aim and a just success nuh want fall back or get left hopeless just a pray to fada God fi please gi mi more strength

Life life it nuh easy
Life life it nuh easy nooo
Ppl seh tings and no mean it
Step pon yuh shoes and a u end up a clean it
But life life it nuh easy
Life life it nuh easy nooo
Come round yuh wen yuh start achieve it
A just di sweets dem love seh dem rate yuh but nuh mean it nooo

Verse 2
Come like a me put d ina depression some a dem think mi a do dis just fi attention just spend a day ina mi shoes fi get yuh reaction although mi doubt yuh coulda dweet cause yuh nuh understand
The fight weh fi mi fight is a everyday ting more while mi want seh shut up and just mek mi do mi ting Ano everyday mi want di bag a talkin if yuh can’t fuckin help mi just continue walkin

Alijay – Life life

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