Alternative Rock

BabyDave – Monkey Brain

Letra “BabyDave – Monkey Brain” Official Lyrics If you’re feeling under the weatherI’ll tell you one thing that won’t make it better[softly] search enginesYellow lights dancing across the ceilingIn the night while I was double screeningLooking for meaning I’ve been wondering around this houseWasting electricityGoing over historyFor too longNow, I’ve …

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​deadphntm 𖤐 – Vinyl

Letra “​deadphntm 𖤐 – Vinyl” Official Lyrics [Chorus: SCARLY & deadphntm]I slit my wrists with a vinyl, a vinylI’m on a downward spiral, a spiralYou fell in love with a psycho, a psychoThen signed my suicide note, suicide noteThey ask me why I feel so damn insaneI lay down and pray …

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