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Flexo Kobain – Free Education

Letra “Flexo Kobain – Free Education” Official Lyrics Aye!FlexFlexFlexFlex I graduated Plugg Wave, Swag SchoolUK Plugg, I bossed up cah I had toYou wanna kick it wit my dargs but you scrappy doo cujBpY I’m too legit to buy nowMy swag is not for saleI’m onna different planetYes I ran …

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Flexo Kobain – Splash

Letra “Flexo Kobain – Splash” Official Lyrics PK! Sauce it up Solidify my soul, I’m in the deep end going ghostIt’s hard to stay afloatMichael PhelpsDoing backstrokeIf she serving badussyI’m hitting dem strokesBig wave on your boy shh no jokeLearnt how to swimSo I don’t go homeHmmm hmm cujBpY I …

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Flexo Kobain – Eurostar

Letra “Flexo Kobain – Eurostar” Official Lyrics Uh uh uhUh uh uhFlexo KobainUh uh uh Monkey seeMonkey doThey Watch my moves like Kung fuCos they know I be legitEurostar I’m living itBruce LeeI’m kicking shitJ’habite tu à la LondresCome and see the kidEurostar come see the kidI can take you …

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