Amy Macdonald – Bridges

Bridges – Amy Macdonald Lyrics Letra:
May the bridges I burn light my way
May the ashes get caught in your eyes
May the dust cloud ruin your day
May the rain fall heavy on you now

What’s it all to me
I say the words as I do hear
I can’t sleep until it’s said
What’s it all to you
Your lies become your truth
But who believes you in the end

Round and round we go
I’ve heard it all before
Will you twist the knife cos
I can’t feel it anymore
A bullet to my heart
Lying broken on the floor
Just kick me when I’m down
Cos that’s the man you are

Looking back on things I’d change
Is there anything that I can do or say
But you always fan the flames
Out of control there’s nowhere left to go

What’s it all to me
I say it as I see it
There’s no rest until it’s said
What’s it all to you
You don’t care for the truth
Your lies will get you
In the end

I’m running away from you
It’s all I ever do
Trying to find the path that leads me back home
The place I always go to

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