Amy Macdonald – Something In Nothing

Something In Nothing – Amy Macdonald Lyrics Letra:
Do you know what I mean
Are you following me
Do you feel it too
Is it lost on you

You were there last night
I could feel your eyes
Didn’t know what to do
I was lost on you

By the look on your face
I know you feel it too
I’ll never be alone with you

They think I’m crazy
But they’ll never see
All of these colours they’re shining for me
Lost in a moment
I’m caught in a dream
Looking for something, in nothing
It’s done when we’re caught in between

Will I see you tonight
Hiding from the light
Where you always go
Can we take it slow

I can see from your smile
You know I feel it too
What else am I supposed to do

Will I leave you behind
Remember what you mean to me
Am I still on your mind
Nothing’s ever like it seems

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