Amy Macdonald – Statues

Statues – Amy Macdonald Lyrics Letra:
There’s a boy across the street
He’s just trying to find his way
Coming over to my house
I see him every day

His mum and dad are busy
They never have the time
To listen to his feelings
What’s playing on his mind

All the children stand like statues
On the street where I was born
It’s a street where nothing changes
But the road where I come from

Now the cherry blossom’s falling
And the nights are drawing in
Now I’m standing here I’m frozen
As the world goes round again

The playground bell keeps ringing
A moving van appears
A change about to happen
That we haven’t seen for years

A family’s moving in
I never thought I’d see
On the street where nothing changes
A girl that looks like me

I watch her from across the street
I don’t know what to say
Time will tell if we’ll be friends
But that’s another day

Don’t change nothing at all
Street lights lead me back home
Am I dreaming? Is it morning?
Am I still here
Am I gone

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