Amy Macdonald – We Could Be So Much More

We Could Be So Much More – Amy Macdonald Lyrics Letra:
I’m getting tired of the city
I need to find some air
Spend my days just living
Am I really there

All the while you’re running
You’re roaming free
You’re everything that I
Wish that I could be

How did you get to where you are inside
How did it feel when you left the noise behind
We could be so much more

Will you save me
I’ve been holding on
Treading water since the day I was born
Will you teach me
How to live again
I lost it all inside my head
I lost it all in life and love my friend
Can we start again

I’ve been living in limbo
Trying to face the world
Gotta keep my head down
No one needs to see this girl

Oh there’s always a mountain
That I have to climb
But I’m going in circles
Always seem to fall behind

Is this how it goes
Are we cast aside
Like a falling leaf
Floating through the sky

Can we try again
We were more than friends
Way back then

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