Amy Macdonald – Young Fire, Old Flame

Young Fire, Old Flame – Amy Macdonald Lyrics Letra:
As I button up my winter coat
There’s a chill in the air
I hope I won’t be seeing you again
Like I did last year

Young fire old flame
Look at you, you’re back again
Weighing me down like a ten tonne train
Young fire, old flame

As the nights are drawing in my dear
I can feel him in the air
I’ve lit the spark, there’s no way out
He’s here, he’s here.

And nobody understands it
They can’t see my pain
I’m lying in the dark wishing I could see the light again
And nobody understands
There’s nothing they can see
Looking in their eyes, I only wish that they’d believe

Too many years it’s been happening
And I can never see the end
The weight is getting heavy now
Goodbye my friend

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