Anderson .Paak – The Chase ft. Kadhja Bonet

The Chase – Anderson .Paak ft. Kadhja Bonet
Lyrics, Letra:
(Intro: Kadhja Bonet}:
I need you more than you could know
Ooooh, oooooh, oooh
Don’t let me down and don’t let go

(Verse: Anderson .Paak}:
I say
You know I hit it almost every time and then I miss one
How we gon’ get ourselves up outta this one?
Hard to get up from this like Sonny Liston
Feel like it’s Ed and Laimbeer with the Pistons
Bad Boys, but no Will Smith and, only real friction
Got to the fork in the road, a split decision
I could eat or split everything, my own decisions
That would take a little more time and more wisdom
That would take a little more grind and more vision
What’s the difference between the poor and a rich man?
Standin’ in line, not havin’ wrist bands
These lessons you learn with no tuition

(Break: Anderson .Paak}:
Hold on and ride for your own
Together in spirit form
With your hands I can hold
In your heart there is hope

(Outro: Anderson .Paak}:
Time has no wait, what that has to imply who we are, who we see So much clearer now
It may not be in their sex but that don’t take us out of view
Hold on, hold tight-hold tight
Hold on, if not for you then I
Hold on and ride for your own
Together in spirit form

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