Apeslayerbaby – Garden As a Scarecrow

Letra “Apeslayerbaby – Garden As a Scarecrow” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

My BANDO are so savage that they still hunt with spears
I took the copper off my neighbor’s wires, now I’m making grills
I drew circles around a hoe’s pussy, practicing archery
Nigga got dumped by his pusher, now he’s looking for happiness in chemistry
I’m not supposed to, but I’m going to be president
If your chapper is really evil, my fist is his resident
My brother is fucking crazy because he tripped a streetcar
Mixed up medicine analyzies and lin, pissed in his cup
I have a logo on my forehead like a Potter, I got hit by a Hummer
I’m transferring my homies to landlines, you’ll be a bad scammer
Asked a hoe out on a date, and went to her mother’s house
Flew with Gang to the spot, pissed all over the painthouse
I put the haters in the vegetable garden as a scarecrow
Cut off a bus with schoolchildren and fought with them on the road
Let a pack of dogs into the college, they need the warmth and comfort
I shit all the tournaments in the state, now all the uaches are at Harvard
Encouraged by grappling, I strangled everyone at the betting company
Guys don’t suck your dick when you buy them a joint?It’s bad company
They wouldn’t let me into flight school, even though I was wearing C.P.Company
Bought myself a lawn in the countryside, I want to live in harmony
I’ve been stressed for a long time because I’m fucked up
The fucker doesn’t stop and keeps pissing in my cup
A few minutes later I got his bitch drunk with his piss
A fly recently died in my latrine,bro,rest in piece!
I don’t need a couch anymore, I’m stealing shoe cover
I used the money to buy a ring and pick flower
I boxed with my reflection in the mirror, took a shower
Gave the whole present to my mom and got powers

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