Apeslayerbaby – Zipperglockerz

Letra “Apeslayerbaby – Zipperglockerz” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Hitting naked women in the boobs, that’s real baseball
Got a pass on the exam because I smoked the assignments on the roll
Drew a dick on the map, now this plane will never land
Bought up fake crap from bazaars, selling it as my new brand
My chapper is straight from the mountains, a personal pimp for mountain goats
Bitch got up on the soccer field, scored a few goals
I woke up to the fact that the bitch had shot her finger
The story continued and I sawed off another finger
It looked creepy, so I glued two succulent blunts for fun
I dippеd a bespectacled guy in his own shit in thе toilet for fun
Ate spaghetti, made a chorus of boxers sing, now there’s nothing to eat
Inspired by Eva Elfie’s work, put moaning on my beat
Joined a cult to secretly fuck girls by putting a pig’s head on em
I went to check the chicks on direct, there were naked Arabs there, I deleted instagram
Drove on truck into Gucci shop, now that’s Gucci auto
After a week of tanning on the concerts,i started lying that I Quavo
Tweet that I’m a muhfuckin’ tweaker right now ride on anything’
Spread yo’ legs I think I need peanut butter without the spread
I’m a breadwinner, golden retriever when I get the bread
A loose fucking screw, I’ll never use my fucking head
I’m so hard headed, that’s even what my mama said
Hop with a stick baby let me blitz, I’m like, yeah go
All in her pussy all night she like damn yeah
I ain’t even pop no perki and I’m lastin’
I keep goin’, I might use the trojan or the bare skin, freaky leak
Come on baby you can be my sneaky link
Riding with this dirty pole, it’s known to put niggas to sleep
I been rolling all week, black cars Cherokees
Tinted up rentals, R.I.P.s
What else, put that boy to fucking sleep
Spread my wings so I can fly,If I do die let me be free
Rollin’ round with my dirty iron, with my dirty fie you know that’s just me
Miss my brother till this day, I swear they need to free Ali
Understand I’ma keep it G,I’m a man, that’s how it be
Hold my heart inside my hand, if they try to crush it put em to sleep
Honestly let me be me
Anyways I’mma still be free
Anyways they been startin’ me
Anyways they been startin’ me

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