Armond WakeUp – Daddy Daughter Dance

Letra “Armond WakeUp – Daddy Daughter Dance” Official Lyrics

[Verse 1: Armond WakeUp & Uriah]It’s an honor to father you
Praise God I’m a part of you
I’m thankful for the things He let me walk through
To deposit in you
You’re becoming a lady and it’s crazy
It’s cool that you’re getting older
But here’s some things to hold onto
You are precious (Precious)
You are special (Special)
God made you a one of (God made you a one of)
An untraceable number (An untraceable number)
Pray you don’t lose your wonder (Pray you don’t lose your wonder)
This world, will take you under
Pull you with its allure
It’s not real, so remain secure with you and yours
These boys, don’t want nothing but something that they don’t know about
Culture makes it cute, but it traps you and you won’t get out
I told you
If he don’t treat you better than me, dead ‘em
I been telling you that since you’s 11
Travel, see the world
Laugh at yourself
Serve others
Do it for the Lord, do not define your worth from it
Hurt’s coming
Learn from it and let it go
Life won’t hand you nothing, and it has many ways to let you know
You’re being watched by all your younger brothers and sisters
Watch what you do when we’re not around, you represent us
Long as its breath in my lungs
Sweetie, I love you
And I’ll always be a place you can run to

[Chorus: Uriah]Lay these flowers on top of your head
Child I will remain your king
‘Til a crown is on top of your head
And my baby becomes a queen

[Verse: Raging Moses & Uriah]Shayla, you’ve always been precious to me
As you growin’ older girl you seem epic to me
‘Cause you brighter than I ever was (‘Cause you brighter than I ever was)
We got that forever love (We got that forever love)
Deeper than blood ‘cause I knew you before you ever was (Deeper than blood ‘cause I knew you before you ever was)
Felt your presence when it was just me and mommy
Like you was in my heart I caught a glimpse of you beyond me
And I’m honored to be your father
Honored to see you grow
We ain’t just out here having babies you a living soul
That means you live forever
That means you got a purpose
And Yahweh sacrificed His Son because He thinks you’re worth it
And you’ll see where the earth is
Full of hurts and burdens
How it’s broken but the Father still worthy of worship
Look for opportunities
Don’t be negative
And you’ll see how humanity’s progress can be evident
You could be the president
You could be a physicist
Entrepreneur and go and start a couple businesses
You could be a missionary
Travel to amazing places
Tell them Yahweh is merciful and very gracious
But girl be patient
Integrity’s important
Because surely greatness
Is your portion
And I don’t mean your status
Regardless I’ll support you
If you trekking with a pack
Or you whippin’ in Porsches
Consider the Lord in every decision
So you’re not physically gorgeous
But spiritually poor
Keep your eyes up

[Chorus: Uriah]Lay these flowers on top of your head
Child I will remain your king
‘Til a crown is on top of your head
And my baby becomes a queen

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