Astrid S – It’s Ok If You Forget Me

It’s Ok If You Forget Me – Astrid S Lyrics Letra:
Two weeks and I wait ‘til the feeling hits
Maybe I just haven’t let it sink in
For three years we were living together
Held me like you’d hold me forever
Didn’t think that heartbreak would feel like this

From everything to nothing at all
From every day to never at all
And everyone says that I should be sad
Is it normal that:

I don’t feel sorry for myself
Care if your hands touch somebody else
Wouldn’t get jealous if you’re happy
It’s ok if you forget me
I don’t feel empty now that you’re gone
Does that mean it didn’t mean nothing all?
But I’ll tell you what the worst is
It’s the way it doesn’t hurt
When I wish it did

Patience is a thing that I’ve learnt from you
That some things can feel wrong even though they’re true
Went through all the hard times together
Kept me calm when I’d lose my temper
I’m just really grateful that I had you

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