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Atheretic – Solaris (Revive in Thermal Aggression)

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Atheretic – Solaris (Revive in Thermal Aggression) Lyrics, Letras:

Power of cosmic origin
Misunderstood by the ancients
Elevating the race above
Central point of dismal evolution
False mastery of the element
The passion of the sun

Enlightenment of the dance ablaze
Hypnotized by the symbol of south
Anger of dragon grows

Red is the vision, waiting below
Transformed: a vindictive glow
Adapting to a destructive form

Under the rules of the nature
His will burst out of control
All hopes are melting within the core
Burning forevermore

Incinerate the surface
Leaving the horizon to ashes
As the cleansing evolves
The place is laid for renewal

Natural instinct to purify
True display of ruthless courage
Fire is hatred for egoism
Lust and jealousy, gluttony and envy

Roasted to the bone
Relentless flames of redemption
Procedures condemned to combustion
The phoenix reborn

Revived in thermal aggression
Everlasting summer
Solar energy
Infamous fever
Volcanoes fury

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