AWATE – Broken Britain

Letra “AWATE – Broken Britain” Official Lyrics

Verse 1 – AWATE

Another late night and I’m in
Move through the street I’m in sin
Talk to myself so I fit in the skin of the victim I’m in yeah
Broken Britain shadow of a streetlight flickerin’
Street fights liftin’
The ice off the cars
I see myself in them
See it’s quite fittin’

We all the same
Licking off shots
We all in pain
Licking off salt from the shop
Cos’ there ain’t no job
To the rich man it’s all a game yeah

It’s all a shame
Brexit Britain
We all the same
We won’t have water
Cops here slaughter
Doing what we outgha cos we’re all insane

The tory next door
Got more money than you got
And he wants you on the floor
At the food bank poor
Begging for more

Trying to make ends meet
And the scum at the top don’t keep the receipt
For the lies and deceit
It’s an eco-system
Ego Victims
Let towers burn with the people in them
Evils in them
I try and go sleep but my dreams got demons in them
Lethal Killings
World full of pain and deceitful villains
The real world’s no better seek the ceiling
Face defeat
Sit down or teach the children
Stand for the truth and lead the willin’
Just stay alive and complete the missions yeah

I won’t walk with my hand out
I won’t talk I won’t stand down
They’ll do anything to stamp out
Clap on the cuffs
Chokehold see a man down
Clap if he sneaks
Anger the streets trapped in the passenger seat
May as well stand for defeat
Stamp on his feet and I see another man down

Verse 2 – The Last Skeptik

Remember woolworths
Remember safeways
Remember national front

a quick save
Remember blocks on my estate with piss stains
We’ve revolted straight into history
I don’t even, understand the surprise
Drifting apart for a hundred seasons
Head of state is blessed under the hungry eton
Head of government says that getting monies free them

They wanna bring Jim Davidson back
Jog on
They insight problems then act like all of a sudden
Why’s everyone talkin’ about cultural marxism and postmodern
Acting like fans of crusade and progroms
Straight up
I’m not rhyming this part

Bismarck, Mountbattens, Sax-Coburg and Gotha
Get rid of them
People think justice is a swing
That you lose if I win
But I’m looking at this stack of losses
It’s in fact colossus
But the lack of black bosses
And the lack of a lack of bosses
We’re trapped moving back when it’s that acknowledged

I’m sinking but why
Ain’t be thinking to try
I’m on the brink of a diet
Wake up green having no bacon fry
I’m lost to

Lost track of who’s the proper villain
I hope it’s him
Pray for the children of broken Britain

Little Britain’s doing okay yeah
Little Britain’s doing
Little Britain’s doing okay yeah
Little Britain’s doing
Little Britain’s doing okay yeah
Little Britain’s doing
Little Britain’s doing okay yeah
Little Britain’s doing

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