Ayce Comet – RAIN.

Letra “Ayce Comet – RAIN.” Official Lyrics





And I’m runnin’ up a check and I’m still right here
3-33 swag, and it like 5 year
Why you living sad if you got Moncler?
Feelin’ like you gon’ die here
You want some change, you gon’ dye your hair
You hiding from the world because you scared
You cannot be controlled by the fear
It’s right here it right here


(Why, oh why)
I’m tryna fuck on a model bitch
(Why, oh why)
She got that Balenciaga cover her face
(Why, why)
Don’t wan’ talk to you no more get out my face
(Why, why)
Feel like apollo 13 bitch I need some space
(Why, oh why)
Mk rain, the way I make it rain
(Why, oh why)
I feel insane, I’m batman, you are bane
(Why, why)
Bitch I’m good, you go ahead and hate
(Why, why)

Interlude: AYCE COMET & 333STAIN


Verse 3: 333STAIN

You keep talking to my bitch, I’ll push the throttle (Bitch)
“Imma keep doing what I please”, that’s the motto (That’s the motto)
And if they really wanna beef, I’ll bring the pain (Bring the pain)
Ion really give a fuck, it’s gon’ rain (It’s gon’ rain)
They keep talking to my bitch, I’ll push the throttle (Push the throttle)
Yeah my bitch is a ten, she a model (Yeah, a ten)
When I pull up with the gang, it’s gon’ rain (It’s gon rain)
All this pain in my chest, I’m a bottle (A bottle)

Verse 4: 333STAIN

Them bitches fine nigga, ayy but she a thot (She a thot)
Yeah you hot as fuck, yeah what’s up (Shit is spicy)
Think you’re pulling up, ayy feeling snotty (Feeling snotty)
Ion wanna fuck, yeah I gotta go
Y’all niggas out here chasing coopes, I’m chasing rain
Smoking 30, got a sprite, it’s gon rain
I throw the 30 on yo bitch, it’s a play
She’s liking when I fucking spit, it’s okay

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