Azotic Reign – Reincarnation Denied

Azotic Reign – Reincarnation Denied Lyrics, Letras:

I am the man the old men call the wanderer
A shy creatures that fear’s the light of day
I beg the higher spirits to let me die in solitude
So my body can join the blessed earth
Denied passage both to heaven and hell
Condemned to this suffering in eternity
I’ve lived through the centuries of war and death
Though the history takes me back to the beginning

In quest for rest, I dwell in shadows
Which come alive, in the light of moon
I cannot live, I cannot die
A worn out soul, reincarnation denied

The story starts in the time of the Romans
When a carpenters son were crucified
Judged by Pilatus he was to die on the cross
This holy man from Nazareth called Christ

As a roman soldier I stood guard
So the people wouldn’t take him away
I ended his life with a stab of spear
As his life-force ran out, the earth trembled

The oldest alive, under the sun
Angel for some, demon to others
Til Armageddon, I’m here to stay
It’s the price I pay, reincarnation denied

As blood dripped from my spear
I felt a higher presence
Christ turned his head to me
And spoke with the voice of God
You have stained the ground
With the blood from my son
You are therefore sentenced to
Walk the earth til the end of time

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