BabyTron – Keep Up

Keep Up Lyrics

Same kid on that same mission, I just want a M
2019, Lando fucked around and found a gem
SB4L, if I’m down, I can count on them
Unkie on the weed man head ‘cause he found a stem
Ball for every time the coach ain’t let me step up on the court
The chopstick right here, what I’ma wrestle with you for?
Fire hazard when it’s Stan around, he extra with the torch
Hoes want my chicken but I can’t invest none in a whore
Sit and hoping karma don’t catch me from the shit I did
We’ll pull up painting, make a mess like some little kids
Was thinking ‘bout thе pape before my first drool hit my bеd
Number one seat, I heard the opps still can’t get a win
.223, bet you fall if it hit yo ribs
Stop upping ten, I make that shit off of DistroKid
Got it out the mud, this the type of shit to rip yo Timbs
Walk in clutching on that bitch, you better fix that grin
I could let my soul bleed but I’ma talk shit
If you ever see my soles bleed, it’s ‘cause I walk drip
Fourteen hundred dollar spike walkers, these some boss kicks
Eighty, I be walking into Hutch to buy a frost kit
Back then I feel like Meek, I was dream chasing
Three years later I caught up to him, had to be patient
Even back then look in the mirror, I could see greatness
Used to go to sleep hungry, now I wake up see Franklins
Now I wake up eating fancy shit, this some crème brûlée
No joke, if I press a button, I’ma end the game
Walking through the mall, I hope a YouTuber test this chain
Sick this bitch getting loud with me like her breath don’t stank
When it come to foul play, my shooter get like Drummond
Knock you out of bounds if he catch you on that baseline
You know her face fine, I can’t find her waist line
Told my bitch we working, we to Cali when it’s play time
It’s fucked up the person stab yo back be the closest to you
The oop a no no if you can’t dunk, I can’t throw it to you
7.62s have you leaning like a four up in you
I ain’t have to throw the buffs on to see the ho up in you
Really I’m the GOAT, I put it on my unborn son
Whenever I’m in Tennessee I wanna take a store run
They ‘round when it’s sunny, never ever when the storm come
Walk in, diamonds do the dazzle, leave a whore stunned
You ain’t got it in you, yeah, I heard it but I never listen
They tell me go to college but I always had a better vision
Look down when I talk at you ‘cause our levels different
160 on the dash, I’m pushing on the pedal, tripping
You can’t keep up, this a Demon, eat my dust
I’ll pull up on you, drop forty if you think you clutch
Newest Neiman Marcus with a punch, this shit free as fuck
Four finger four, I’ma fall asleep, I drank a cup
Huh, aye, ShittyBoyz


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