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Ballout – Fireman

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Verse 1
Who the fuck these niggas think they higher, flyer then
Hotter than a fireman, if I want her then I fly her in
? I finny spend some tires (racks)
I finna shake the parlor hand ?
Free T-Slick he want a hot bitch hotter than a fireman
They say I’m going’ crazy, well put me on a flyer then
We make it rain in this bitch they gone’ need some rooms
Boy play crazy in this bitch gonna lose some ?
Boy play crazy in this bitch we gon’ shoot (nigga)
Smokin’ on the pound, got 448 up in the booth
Ridin’ in a rari and it ? like soup
? on my face blocking’ haters in the room
Only thing young nigga don’t wear is a suit
She ain’t no clothes the only thing I see is her tattoos (thot)
? sweater, Louis bag when I walk in the room

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