Bam Bino – Only Fans

Bam Bino – Only Fans Lyrics Letra:
Baby Do Your Dance
Off the 42
She forgot she got a man
Shake It For these Bands
I’m her only nigga
But she got an only fans

Now It’s Time To Slide
If You Ain’t From The Choo
You ain’t getting in the ride

& I’m From Bricks
Free Corey Gz
Smoking Za Za Out The Zip
Turn That Nigga To A Spliff
Tried To Run & Then He Tripped

Ohh Lord
Niggas Had
To send him to the ohh Lord
Feel Like I Be Doing This For Long
2021 I Got To Go strong

Just Keep It A Bandi
I Don’t Trust These Bitches Understand Me
She calling my phone down
Just brought her a Berkin
What You want now

Fell In Love Mary
Talkin Bout Amiri
My Heart Buried

She From Where The Opps At
Back Then She Ain’t Want Me
Now I Got Racks

In Brooklyn It Get Crazy
I Gotta Get Rich
I Gotta Baby

And That’s On Nasiah
I Can Never Snitch
Can’t Where No Wire

Mr Put that Bag Up
Nigga Made A Diss Song
And Got Clapped Up

Had To Turn My Swag Up
Laughing When I Fell Off
Now I’m Back Up

Im A Rap Star Who ever
Thought I make that far
They Don’t Want No Drama
If I Ain’t The Goat
Them I’m The Mamba

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