Bazanji – 25 Freestyle

25 Freestyle – Bazanji Lyrics Letra:
25, we here
Yeah, yeah

25 and I’m 9 years in it
Thinking back to 16, I was lost with a vision
Just a youngin’ runnin’ ‘round, tryna figure it out
I knew that I would make it work, but I didn’t know how
Now I’m here, 2020, and I’m proud of myself
I never went and got upset about the cards I was dealt
I just had to work it out, put my foot on the gas
A lot of people here now but they ain’t gon’ last
I’m thinkin’ long term vision, 9 figure winners
Keep a hunnid in the bank for the children of my children
Everything I do I know is bigger than me
I’m working so the people that I love live it for free
Did a lot of freestyles and a few hunnid’ records
A whole lotta streams, they related to the message
Yeah, this not a competition, this is self-relief battle
If you really wanna do it then you can never doubt it
I built it all up from the ground and I sprout it
I’m waterin’ my grass ‘til it’s green like the cash is
Yeah, this my life, it mean everything to me
I’ve been climbin’ to the top, tryna get all the money
So I can give it all to everybody holdin’ a ladder
‘Cause I would’ve fallen off if they wasn’t keepin’ balance
Only 25 years and it’s comin’ full circle
25 more, so I gotta keep it virgil, yeah
I’m off this
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