bbno$ – bad thoughts

bad thoughts – bbno$ Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1
Baby no accomplice, every man for himself
Tryna get my money, yeah, I’m really ‘bout my wealth
Pull a swinger on me, can’t you see I’m black belt
Wonder why I be the only rapper ‘bout my health
If I’m not grinding might as well put me in hell
Labels chasing me ‘cause I deactivate the stealth
Fuckin’ hated school, I was saved by the bell
Ain’t so different from you, yeah, why can’t you tell?

Cash ain’t cash I’ll consider it dough
Do this for myself I ain’t do it for the clout
Never copy lanes, yeah, I took another route
Always cause ‘grains, never shared a bit out doubt

Verse 2
Fill my cup, and I watch you talk shit
Never been an opp, and I’ve never been a bitch
Be my guest, go run your own bridge
‘Course I’m cold enough, don’t need a new fridge
Seems like every song you drop is a miss
Drip too much, yeah, how’d you like sis?
Ready but the steez, yeah I’m meanie and switch
Get my mom a brand new whip, I’m proud of the gift
Pink-yellow piece of plastic, all up in my hip
Twelve years later, you gon’ show me to the kids
Know my music timeless, I don’t even need to risk
Once I’m super rich I’ll put some diamonds up the bib
I’m always with the food cause I’m ready with the shits
Every song I drop, rare like it’s desktop
Thot girls always putting me in an airlock
Finally got some property, cop the boardwalk
Big shows, internationally, even Bangkok
Pop that from China with a big bag
Got some money but I still check the price tag
Numbers moving slow, so you’ll have to blame lag
Seven-hundred can’t Spotify this everyday
Nerf strap, cock back, with a red dot
Won’t cap, drawn back, hear a gunshot
Won’t relax, no slack, hit a jackpot
Post it to the top, why your bitch be mad, Scott?

Bad thoughts, all I got is bad thoughts
I gotta make sure, they don’t break me
Bad thoughts, all I got is bad thoughts
I gotta make sure, they don’t break me
Bad thoughts, all I got is bad thoughts
I gotta make sure, they don’t break me
Bad thoughts, all I got is bad thoughts
I gotta make sure, they don’t break me
Bad thoughts, all I got is bad thoughts
I gotta make sure, they don’t break me
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