bbno$ – bubbles ft. crosby

bubbles – bbno$ ft. crosby Lyrics Letra:
Pre hook:
Uh yeah,
‘Nonsense gibberish, tata lol
I got money in the bank with the papa

[hook] ICEd out drip drop
Scrap pot, new pop
Pop rocks, kate moss
Gotta floss, sip voss
What u gun do little bitch
What u gun do little bitch

[crosby lyric] Imma chief though
Watching all these niggas tryna catch up as I cheif dope
Shawty love the records can’t impress us less she deep throat
Gotta bring some lessers for the fellas this a freak show
Ain’t a thing to tell us used to sell us on the cheap tho
Now they lining pockets cause the noggin full of heat quotes
I ain’t made for college and them dollars really speak so
Motherfuck some knowledge put some mileage on a Jeep go
Out and break the silence till we pilin then I relo-
Cate into the the villa filled with women and some weed smoke
Papi gonna deliver it’s a given when the beat blow
Niggas only killers through the Twitter how you g’s tho?
Niggas think they realer dropping filler how you eat bro?
Tried a lil revival of ya idols it was weak folk
Every time you try you get denied you better reload
Havin thoughts of riding through my side you better creep slow

[bbno$ verse] ima tell u straight up what im gun do
think i gotta poo
think its kinda obvious im gunna take a shit on you!!
you got baby wipes?!!
check my gucci stripes
teeth be flossing so i got some golden pearly whites
people say this baby is so seasoned im argula
half danish sussyboy my flow is so wondabar
ya lady friend like came on over,
wonder where my trousers are
my tommy drawers, my sachi drawers, im putting on some gucci drawers
i lost em last week, and your bitch be nasty, money blue be mystik
splash on her like misty, rollie on my wristy, getting cream like cristy

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