bbno$ – keep up ft. trippy tha kid

keep up – bbno$ ft. trippy tha kid Lyrics Letra:
Trip about numbers then I got em up
Yeh my Eyes quite low might just blame it on the cup

I used to give a fuh
Now banking on some luck
I Turned an average textbook life to flexing ALL THIS SPENSIVE STUFF

ItS be mightY difficult———-
Yeah running after blues

verse 1
Blues clues
U mean the clues blue right?
I got
Some New shoes
And they Sketchers with the lights

Your tape was doo doo
I’m Only dropping dynamite
Don’t tell me what to do
Iet me finesse it how I like

I got that
New whip
3 wheels
Diamonds on my trike
I’ll make a
New hit
For real
Like Every other night
I’m on my
Tour shit
Yeh u know
I wrote this on a flight
Find me
Running after blues I can’t wait till they be in sight

verse 2
Have you seen my bank roll – (roll on kick half bar)
I’m talking bout length, height, width, double dough
Drip drip drip drop, from my ice, now I’m soaked

Uhhh Where’s a towel yo?

u gun learn some physics
Just to bite my flow?
If i pipe your bitches
Please just let it go
Bruhhhh YEH
Did too many vids
And now I’m out of clothes
Running after benjies
This like all I know

You don’t know nothin about the shit we be puffin
My music hot as the oven like you just burnt your turducken
You love it
I been above it the influence I been fuckin wit bein sober I’m tired of always bein the drunkest
What you need from me
I got love I got buds do you want
All the fun
that my team runnin
I don’t need money
But I love what I love from the ground to above
always fiend for it
Everybody wanna come my way
Everybody wanna know my name
Drop it down to the ground while I blow propane
I don’t need to do cocaine
All this energy I bring
All alone on my own let freedom reign
Imma Great Dane you’s a lil pup boi
Always talking but I never gave a fuck Boi
I have decided i will stay alive
For the ride I’ll be fine the money is in my eyes

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