bbno$ – mahogany

mahogany – bbno$ Lyrics Letra:
{mahogany lyrics} lol this brakcet
Cup of lean
Whipping in a foreign, cant you see my dash mahogany
Glad my diamonds got some rubies, its a harmony
Im tryna flex on all but im wondering what its costing me

1 year 1 chain 4 to 40k
1year 30 shows all this foreign pay
1 year big plays just another day
1 year 6 digits, save it all away

Im never ever bored, cause my mind on them bordens
Already on that wifi shit, your ass is corded
New cities, 10 shows, new hoes, old clothes,
I wonder if i have the key ive never seen the door close.
Adding all these zeros, yeah, huh this how i study
Yeah im married to the gualla, and im glad her eyes green,
And i really like my coffee (black) i aint wasting no cream

Verse 2:
Aye, check me whipping it, im drifting it, she tryna take my money, never giving it, im dunkin on your bitch i scottie pippen it, im living it, the life of lavishness, im moving to the bag im looking like a strategist
3350 – in a day for some merch
6045 – from a show i need a purse
2025- on the top of google search
365 – another year watch me work

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