bbno$ – on one ft. blow fever &

on one – bbno$ ft. blow fever & Lyrics Letra:
Big money
Big cheques
Big thots
Big chains
Cold wrist
Cold flow
Cold bitch
New doe
Po mo
Fo 4
Do u want trouble?
On one off one aye
Everybody in the room want some
On one, off one, aye
HOLY SHIT i really think im off one.

What i miss bitch, course i want a rich bitch, check it off my wish list, heard u want u want the business, balenciaga christmas, golden flaked fish sticks, rap game uma thurmen, ran a bag back like elastics!
Corn starch on me tryna thicken the bank rolllllll
BABY no money bitch im monumentollll!!!
Im making moves
Im making static
Cut a cheque
Cause im an addict
My mumble game is quite emphatic
Ditched that girl she too dramatic
I tour the world i be nomadic
You wanna copy my schematics
All my flows they stay sporadic
And my cash it tri-chromatic
Got a text from ya ex, saying when we gunna sex, i know im really not the best, so i bought some triple sec to only give her triple sec, and im like wait wait wait!
Are you sure you are speaking right, are you off one baby?

inhale exhale
Don’t be afraid this is not a cult
I’m wearing XL
gangshit 我带上头套
Gangshit I put my mask on
看我 怎么借来东风
Check me out, riding the east winds
吹走 都一样的中庸
Blow out out all the lames
战火 一直飘到中东
War fire burns to the mideast
AK47 冲锋
AK47 bring it on me
感觉像 穿过百慕大
Feeling like crossing Bermuda
bitch i walk on water hate me harder
看着过去 蜕变成了水墨画
see my past, fade into ink paint
需要更新的画笔 明年的挂历
I need new pen for next year plan
说什么 不在意 给你beef 没有peace
Dont say you don’t care, give you beef not peace
跑到东 跑到西
from the west to the east
from the west to the east
当心 他们抓住你的历史
Be careful, they wont let go of your past
Fast and furious on the desert sand

On one off one
Baby wanna top some
Awesome awesome
When’s this dropping?
Way too easy
Neck gold freezie
Raise a couple db
Keep it on repeat
How the fuck are we doing today?
Gum boots in the club im making it rain
Inhale, Exhale
I do it again
Got your whole career circling down in the drain
On one, off one, yeah
Everybody in the room want some
On one, off one yeah
Everybody in the room want some, some

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