bbno$ – sriracha

Lyrics, Letra: sriracha – bbno$
and them
dem dollas made my spidey sense
a ring – a ring – ring
that booty on that thottie
made me
sping a spring – spring
then i
took her to my pad
made her sing a sing sing
FIR-she ask me for a fling
now she cling cling cling

she boosssy
But she threw it….
Boy u hella saucy
Did u stew it
Wonder what it cost me
threw shoes in
ice be on my body
Im never bruising

4 flights 1 month, ya bitch im from the future
Catch dis Baby going beast mode, she hit me with the nuder
u Whip a L class find me triple stepping on my scooter
U stuck at half mast cuz u KNOW yuh mommie is my tutor

Im a top man
Why she tryna gimme top man
Rubber band man
Can u Toss it all up like the rain man
Take another L widda goofy thot, no chance.
love GETTING money CALL it romance?

ay sussyboys are you hungry
i see you tryn bite my sound but its sounding kinda funky

u see my whip on fleek
pink flames pink fiat baby dis is treat

COURSE IM EATING ALL MY salads cause they always STUFFED with green
ye dis
Baby got the german coochi sh’really made me squeam
Might just tour the world and grab a bag im really keen
Im really on that goofy shit but aint no Charlie sheen

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