bbno$ – thankful ft. lewis grant

thankful – bbno$ ft. lewis grant
Lyrics, Letra:
had to get my money up i put it on my mom
u drop shitty music sussyboi u are a flop
seems like ladies now a days just use me as a straw
write a story on my money, glad that that is the plot

so glad that im finally up next
ever since a baby all i wanna do is flex
thank god that im know im up next
call me ariana cuz im thankful for ex (lmfao)

u shud know
40 degrees or below
got some frost burn from my next and wrist im wayy too cold
on a thottie i’d never fold
got some ballet on my clothes
baby tripled up his fee in just a year from doing shows

skrt a foreign and your wifey wanna jump in for a ride
im so sorry lady friend can u see that im already occupied


some wait for meeeee
some waited to leave!
some waited for me to get it / but the moment i said it was the moment they’d be

in trouble, let me down slow
now im running this motion
word around town, is the moments closing
told u i dont care what u want from me,
want from me
want from me

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