bbno$, Yung Gravy – jack money bean

jack money bean – bbno$, Yung Gravy Lyrics Letra:
Now my money long Im jack money bean
Reflect sunshine cause my wrist clean
Im a money hoarder – ferment cheese
Crossing every boarder, cant catch me
10 plus 20 to shows out in europe
Ima good fella cause im after dinero
Married to the money fingers wrapped in some zeros
Married to the money fingers wrapped in some zeros

Gravy Hook Part
I aint growing up
Only fuck wit milfs I aint growing up
And my boy bb glowing up
Got ya main bitch tryn hoe it up
thats how u know its us

bbno$ verse

Let me go in real quick
She want my seed, i got the fertilizer, what the fuck u mean
I need some bread for the appetizer, diamonds looking clean
I took the lead im quite the exerciser, running up my fees
Never read, just an analyzer, ima special breed
Im an amethyst analyst, i double up my money like a catalyst
Your silly thottie’s booty is a little bit inadequate
I keep my 20 points i do think i need no management
Im better than like half these rappers and im still a graduate
If im eating on that bougie fish im only eating halibut
Your thottie on that fufu shit she looking like a mannequin
She really used her beak she topping me like a pelican
This baby delicate

Gravy Second Hook Part

Got the ruby Tuesdays going up
Baby got the champagne pouring up
Gravy put the lime in the coconut
if u got a pinky throw
thats how u know its us

Gravy Verse

I divide by zero
never be a hoe
got Akira flow
splash like I’m Gyarados
gravy still nuttin in your honey like some Cheerios
sick like venereal
raw my material
why u never near a hoe? u must have a fear of hoes
I got the pure opposite of femina-phobia
Bitch i
t was nice knowing ya
Y todos de los días gravy chupa con tu novia
y tengo mucho frio como la neumonia
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