Beth Crowley- Test of Time

Lyrics, Letras da Musica
i still remember
growing up, the two of us
we swore that we’d always be friends

we didn’t know yet
that promises have consequences
even when you’re just a kid

one fight
she was out of my life
and it shattered what i thought we built

wish i
could have swallowed my pride
but now i have to live with the guilt

i saw that she’s gotten married
in pictures she looks really happy
a snapshot of her life without me

and i know
i’ve never done that well with change
and there’s no point in trying to place blame
i just hate it that we couldn’t stand the test of time

sophomores in high school
history class
he made me laugh
and instantly we got along

we’d sit for hours
and contemplate
the world we’d change
that way that you do when you’re young

But life’s tough
And he picked me back up
When the first boy I loved broke my heart
i even caught him
when he hit his rock bottom
but slowly we’ve drifted apart

he and his wife had a baby
i haven’t heard from him lately
But I hope he knows how proud he’s made me

You don’t get closure
You blink and it’s over
And you never see what a good thing you had til it’s gone
I never saw
What a good thing I had
But it’s gone

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