Bhgtwthbg – Poop Particles

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Poop Particles Lyrics

Family friendly PG Clean

Verse – bhgtwthbg
Poop penis fart
Poop penis fart
Poop poop poop poo poo penis fart
Poo poo poo poo penis fart
Poop penis fart

Yea o I am the bestest of the bestest
Ain’t nobody can’t comparesteee-ees
Yeaa bruh Im like jordan
I’m blaa-aack

And I’m, I’m blaaa-aack
I am a minority

Verse – Lil Drown
I am in the tricycle
Microsoft Word Version .1.3
I am the bestest from the rest
Ain’t nobody can comparestest
This beat is fireestest
Uhh, the kids rub on my testes
(chuckles) Yes
I walk down the street
I saw the grocery store
I saw the grocery store
The grocery store no longer exists
Little drown on this beat
Its very fire, very fire
Stoos stoos stoos, I am poop poop poop
The pooping in the poop store
I am the good good good
Please give me browine
I am insufferable

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